A day of surprises!

It’s a little late for the Easter Bunny to still be in Sackville, but someone around here played the part pretty well last night. We woke up this morning to find chocolate hidden all over the house!  Que c’était FORMIDABLE!  But now we have a mystery on our hands: C’est qui, notre Lapin de Pâques? We’ve spent the morning discussing, reasoning, scrutinizing handwriting, and trying to solve the riddle, but we’ve raised more questions than we have answers!  Luckily, we’ve got a couple of weeks to figure it out! We’re also going to draw names for Devil and Angel this afternoon, similar to a Secret Santa game, where we have to both secretly prank and do something nice for someone else in the house throughout the course of Tour.  It keeps life in Cuthbertson exciting, et ajoute de mystère à nos vies. 🙂

On another exciting note, we’re doing our first runthrough with costumes at this afternoon’s rehearsal!!!  It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve come in the past week, and we can’t wait to hit the schools! We’re picking up our vehicles this afternoon, reality is starting to sink in and time is flying by! Nous sommes excités pour que les spectacles commencent!


A day in Pictures

With the rain blustering about outside, we plowed through another great day of rehearsals! Here are some snippets, a little taste of the adventures in Bouffeland…

Working through the show with Alex

Trying for the perfect face!

La-petite-qui-se-fait-tyranniser s'explique

Service, saveur et satisfaction...

Coucou and Hypersuperalphabetachimipifpafpatatrasvlanboumomegacrash!

Some actors mid-action

Hyper et Coucou...or is it?!

A little too close for comfort pour la Solitaire...

And so it continues — 10 heures demain matin, here we go!!

Sans nos papiers…!

Well well well! We did it. Twice, practically (we did the second half twice, the first half once…).
That’s right — off book today, and we did what is known as a “stumble through”: the first rehearsal without the script! And, it was quite grand in fact. Stop-starting your way through a rehearsal can be tiring, but today I think we drew energy from it! The sheer fact that we were without our scripts in hand fueled us to keep playing.
And oh là là…Did we ever play! It is so liberating (and terrifying) to leave the script to the side, and launch into the play. Sure, you don’t know all your lines perfectly. And sure, you feel a little wobbly about when you’re supposed to say things. But everyone is feeling the same way! So, with the collective energy you plow through and make it to the other side. We found all sorts of little moments that we hadn’t had before, simply because our hands were free and we were able to fully be nos personnages. Formidable!!

We ran through the first half of the play this morning, and then the second half twice in the afternoon!! Somehow it seemed to go a lot faster without our scripts…It is amazing how quickly we are staking claim to the story and the new characters, how rapidly it is becoming part of us…already I am dreaming the show tunes. (Help! …No, so far so good…Hasn’t driven me crazy yet!)

Et puis…CUTHBERTSON!!! After rehearsal, all the actors trekked over to Cuthbertson House, where rooms and roommates were chosen for the weeks ahead, and then we all enjoyed a delicious dinner of chili and rolls from the lovely Margaret. What a perfect welcome to our Tintamarre home!
–Now that we’re all sharing a roof, we can look forward to infinite Italians* (*running lines at top speed), over breakfast, while brushing our teeth…maybe in our sleep too!

Hey! Nous jalousons tous nos amis végétaux…

Enfin, après deux repetitions aujourd’hui, on a fait beaucoup de progrès!  After a three-hour break (pour manger la bouffe!) this afternoon, we reconvened avec le but de faire la chorégraphie pour la dernière chanson. And did we ever do that! In true Tintamarre style, we all discussed and agreed to re-add some lines that had been cut from a song (that was to help ensure that the play fits into an appropriate time slot when we visit schools) à cause des émotions– on est très attaché à notre musique! With some vague ideas in mind starting out, we began improvising and found ourselves amazingly in sync with one another from the very beginning! Singing “we’re all a little jealous of the vegetables”, we managed to clap, dance, and sway ourselves into an ending, I feel safe to say, we are all very (very!) happy with!

One neat part about the process this evening était quand une activité qu’on faisait tout le temps pendant l’année, qui nous rends concentrer sur le contact oculaire, was directly related to a part of our choreography. It’s always exciting to see such direct connections between the activities we do, that help us grow as actors and actresses, and the final product of what we’re working on.

Creating this choreography and mise en place as une équipe certainly put smiles on all of our faces as we left Hesler Hall for the night. But my favorite part of all tonight was not only performing the end of the play with our new ending, but listening to all of the applause as we finished! There was only one person applauding us this evening, but his enthusiastic applause and delight at what we had just done meant as much, to me, as anyone’s could have! (Yes, it was Alex.)

Off-book tomorrow morning! And moving into Cuthbertson House together tomorrow night! Eeeka Eeeka!

Between two funs…

Apologies for the obscure reference – there is a comedy show titled “Between Two Ferns” (with Zach Galifianakis). At any rate, the actors for Tintamarre are now sitting between two rehearsals – an afternoon and evening block. In football these are called two-a-days, et il existe certainement des similarités entre le Tintamarre et la sport! Par exemple, les comédiens et comédiennes font une équipe; it is absolutely necessary to trust each other. Bonding time offstage is just as important as the time spent blocking, learning lines and rehearsing.

To start today’s first rehearsal, we played several focus games to get on the same wavelengths. After zip-zap-zopping our way through the first little bit, we played a game that involved two different chains of very different words cycling through our dramatic dozen. C’est intéressant de voir comment les jeux qui sont si amusants peuvent atteindre plusieurs buts! Ce n’est pas évident, vous savez, ce n’est pas évident!

Aujourd’hui, le focus était sur la conclusion. Any aspiring author (which I suppose most people are, at some point in their lives) knows that starting a work poses a relatively light challenge when compared with finding a suitable ending. So far this afternoon we have explored the relationships between our characters (sometimes we find ourselves defined by our relationships with others – this becomes especially true in the theatre!), created a ruckus in the kitchen, worked on some songs, and of course added choreography! Dans trois heures, on retournera au théâtre pour finir la conclusion et jouer avec la choréographie; ce qui promet d’être une belle répétition!

Rehearsal tonight, off book tomorrow, and the actors move in together tomorrow evening! Too much to look forward too!

À bientôt!

Répétition, répétition, répétition!

Warming up around the piano and going over harmonies before starting a runthrough

Another successful day for Tintamarrathon!

Over the past three rehearsals, along with hot cross buns and timbits, we have blocked
out the whole show!  I really enjoy blocking; mapping out when and where
characters move on stage.  As with every aspect of Tintamarre, everyone voices their
thoughts and ideas and collaborates on what the characters
should be doing.  We discuss elements such as motivation, actions, reactions, and
consequences.  We need to make sure all characters are visible to the audience,
and we also use levels for visual effect.  Blocking is not only to figure out
where your place is onstage, but it is also a neat little way to really focus
on how the characters interact with one another.

In the early stages of blocking

Working with Alex Fancy, our incredible director

Blocking can be quite a process though, especially if you are still holding your
script for comfort.  People are running lines at all hours of the day in order
to be off-book this coming Wednesday.  Figuring out what works best for you in
order to memorize lines within a short time can be difficult.  There are people who
memorize by recording their lines and listening to them, or people who use
repetition and repeat the same line over and over again until they feel
comfortable to move onto the next one.  Others memorize lines by saying them as
they move around a room while thinking of their action, or maybe just staring at
their script and memorizing it that way.  Once that script is no longer needed, you
can play a lot more with your characters, and I am very excited to see what is
going to happen once we are off-book.

Playing in the space

I hope you enjoy the pictures we posted.  Quelques Tintamarriens les ont pris
pendant les répétitions d’aujourd’hui.

Actors following along backstage, nearing the end of a long rehearsal

Ca Commence!

At long last, rehearsals for the touring show have begun!

One of my favorite parts of the rehearsal process is always our first readthrough, where everyone has the chance to play with both new and old characters.  It is amazing to watch people’s interpretations of characters that were played by others in the Main Stage production, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with some fresh new puns added to the adapted script.  As we’ve familiarized ourselves with the text, on a commencé la mise en place pour la première parti de la pièce, et oh là là on avance vite!

On a une journée de relâche demain à cause de Pâques, suivi par sept jours de répétitions intensives, puis BAM – we’ll be hitting the road to perform 23 shows around the Maritimes in two weeks!  Que c’est donc excitant!  Before this Tintamarrathon will be possible, however, on aura plusieurs défis à surmonter: costumes are being adjusted, the set is being altered, and lines are being memorized as I make this post!

We hope to post the touring schedule and other bits in the near future, so stay tuned for more fun and exciting updates as the week unfolds! A big hello et gros bisous à tous les ancien(ne)s Tintamarrien(ne)s qui nous suivent, et aux étudiants dans les écoles, the count down is on and we can’t wait to meet you all! Joyeuse Pâques!!!

Et c’est parti!

Bienvenue chez Mister Bouffe, qui vous promet Service, Saveur et... Satisfaction?

Hello, one and all!

Welcome to the wonderful place which is Mister Bouffe. We’re so glad that you could come consume with us.

Would you like a glass of water? We have all sorts: Splish-Splash, Viva-Viva, Pschiiit, Eau-là-là… all marks registered, of course.

Nous sommes enchanté(e)s de faire votre connaissance. Ça va être un été fantasmagorique! Venez nous voir!

Pour l’instant, excusez the skeleton-like appearance of our humble blog. Our webmaster hasn’t eaten in a long time, so he hasn’t been able to produce to Mister Bouffe’s standard… but once he’s had a Boum-Boum, he’ll get to work. You’ll be able to learn more about Tintamarre, about the Cast, and all about this Wonderful Show!