Et c’est parti!

Bienvenue chez Mister Bouffe, qui vous promet Service, Saveur et... Satisfaction?

Hello, one and all!

Welcome to the wonderful place which is Mister Bouffe. We’re so glad that you could come consume with us.

Would you like a glass of water? We have all sorts: Splish-Splash, Viva-Viva, Pschiiit, Eau-là-là… all marks registered, of course.

Nous sommes enchanté(e)s de faire votre connaissance. Ça va être un été fantasmagorique! Venez nous voir!

Pour l’instant, excusez the skeleton-like appearance of our humble blog. Our webmaster hasn’t eaten in a long time, so he hasn’t been able to produce to Mister Bouffe’s standard… but once he’s had a Boum-Boum, he’ll get to work. You’ll be able to learn more about Tintamarre, about the Cast, and all about this Wonderful Show!


One thought on “Et c’est parti!

  1. Nice website even if it has not yet risen to Mr. Bouffe’s standards 🙂
    I will be following your blog, I can feel your excitement already!! What a wonderful opportunity for each of you to participate in this drama tour and form new friendships as you embark on this wonderful adventure together. I know you will all do your best and be GREAT – work hard, have fun, and be thankful for this wonderful opportunity under the leadership of Alex Fancy 🙂

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