Ca Commence!

At long last, rehearsals for the touring show have begun!

One of my favorite parts of the rehearsal process is always our first readthrough, where everyone has the chance to play with both new and old characters.  It is amazing to watch people’s interpretations of characters that were played by others in the Main Stage production, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with some fresh new puns added to the adapted script.  As we’ve familiarized ourselves with the text, on a commencé la mise en place pour la première parti de la pièce, et oh là là on avance vite!

On a une journée de relâche demain à cause de Pâques, suivi par sept jours de répétitions intensives, puis BAM – we’ll be hitting the road to perform 23 shows around the Maritimes in two weeks!  Que c’est donc excitant!  Before this Tintamarrathon will be possible, however, on aura plusieurs défis à surmonter: costumes are being adjusted, the set is being altered, and lines are being memorized as I make this post!

We hope to post the touring schedule and other bits in the near future, so stay tuned for more fun and exciting updates as the week unfolds! A big hello et gros bisous à tous les ancien(ne)s Tintamarrien(ne)s qui nous suivent, et aux étudiants dans les écoles, the count down is on and we can’t wait to meet you all! Joyeuse Pâques!!!


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