Between two funs…

Apologies for the obscure reference – there is a comedy show titled “Between Two Ferns” (with Zach Galifianakis). At any rate, the actors for Tintamarre are now sitting between two rehearsals – an afternoon and evening block. In football these are called two-a-days, et il existe certainement des similarités entre le Tintamarre et la sport! Par exemple, les comédiens et comédiennes font une équipe; it is absolutely necessary to trust each other. Bonding time offstage is just as important as the time spent blocking, learning lines and rehearsing.

To start today’s first rehearsal, we played several focus games to get on the same wavelengths. After zip-zap-zopping our way through the first little bit, we played a game that involved two different chains of very different words cycling through our dramatic dozen. C’est intéressant de voir comment les jeux qui sont si amusants peuvent atteindre plusieurs buts! Ce n’est pas évident, vous savez, ce n’est pas évident!

Aujourd’hui, le focus était sur la conclusion. Any aspiring author (which I suppose most people are, at some point in their lives) knows that starting a work poses a relatively light challenge when compared with finding a suitable ending. So far this afternoon we have explored the relationships between our characters (sometimes we find ourselves defined by our relationships with others – this becomes especially true in the theatre!), created a ruckus in the kitchen, worked on some songs, and of course added choreography! Dans trois heures, on retournera au théâtre pour finir la conclusion et jouer avec la choréographie; ce qui promet d’être une belle répétition!

Rehearsal tonight, off book tomorrow, and the actors move in together tomorrow evening! Too much to look forward too!

À bientôt!


6 thoughts on “Between two funs…

  1. 1. I love between two ferns…a lot.
    2. I love all of you…more.
    3. WHO came up with this blog idea?! C’est vraiment super!
    4. I looked at your tour line up and am super excited for you all! Miramichi is a fantastic place to start, and to follow up with Birchmount?! Ah, what a treat!!
    5. Vous me manquez bcp mes ami(e)s….let me know when you get my letter!!!


    • 1. 🙂
      2. We love you too…SO MUCH.
      3. Bernard Soubry created the blog…quelle belle idée! 🙂
      4. Nous sommes hyper-super-excités pour nos visites aux écoles! ET pour commencer avec MVHS!
      5. Tu nous manques infinifment. Ta lettre n’a pas encore arrivée, but we will keep you posted.
      (GROS BISOUS!)

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