Répétition, répétition, répétition!

Warming up around the piano and going over harmonies before starting a runthrough

Another successful day for Tintamarrathon!

Over the past three rehearsals, along with hot cross buns and timbits, we have blocked
out the whole show!  I really enjoy blocking; mapping out when and where
characters move on stage.  As with every aspect of Tintamarre, everyone voices their
thoughts and ideas and collaborates on what the characters
should be doing.  We discuss elements such as motivation, actions, reactions, and
consequences.  We need to make sure all characters are visible to the audience,
and we also use levels for visual effect.  Blocking is not only to figure out
where your place is onstage, but it is also a neat little way to really focus
on how the characters interact with one another.

In the early stages of blocking

Working with Alex Fancy, our incredible director

Blocking can be quite a process though, especially if you are still holding your
script for comfort.  People are running lines at all hours of the day in order
to be off-book this coming Wednesday.  Figuring out what works best for you in
order to memorize lines within a short time can be difficult.  There are people who
memorize by recording their lines and listening to them, or people who use
repetition and repeat the same line over and over again until they feel
comfortable to move onto the next one.  Others memorize lines by saying them as
they move around a room while thinking of their action, or maybe just staring at
their script and memorizing it that way.  Once that script is no longer needed, you
can play a lot more with your characters, and I am very excited to see what is
going to happen once we are off-book.

Playing in the space

I hope you enjoy the pictures we posted.  Quelques Tintamarriens les ont pris
pendant les répétitions d’aujourd’hui.

Actors following along backstage, nearing the end of a long rehearsal


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