Hey! Nous jalousons tous nos amis végétaux…

Enfin, après deux repetitions aujourd’hui, on a fait beaucoup de progrès!  After a three-hour break (pour manger la bouffe!) this afternoon, we reconvened avec le but de faire la chorégraphie pour la dernière chanson. And did we ever do that! In true Tintamarre style, we all discussed and agreed to re-add some lines that had been cut from a song (that was to help ensure that the play fits into an appropriate time slot when we visit schools) à cause des émotions– on est très attaché à notre musique! With some vague ideas in mind starting out, we began improvising and found ourselves amazingly in sync with one another from the very beginning! Singing “we’re all a little jealous of the vegetables”, we managed to clap, dance, and sway ourselves into an ending, I feel safe to say, we are all very (very!) happy with!

One neat part about the process this evening était quand une activité qu’on faisait tout le temps pendant l’année, qui nous rends concentrer sur le contact oculaire, was directly related to a part of our choreography. It’s always exciting to see such direct connections between the activities we do, that help us grow as actors and actresses, and the final product of what we’re working on.

Creating this choreography and mise en place as une équipe certainly put smiles on all of our faces as we left Hesler Hall for the night. But my favorite part of all tonight was not only performing the end of the play with our new ending, but listening to all of the applause as we finished! There was only one person applauding us this evening, but his enthusiastic applause and delight at what we had just done meant as much, to me, as anyone’s could have! (Yes, it was Alex.)

Off-book tomorrow morning! And moving into Cuthbertson House together tomorrow night! Eeeka Eeeka!


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