Sans nos papiers…!

Well well well! We did it. Twice, practically (we did the second half twice, the first half once…).
That’s right — off book today, and we did what is known as a “stumble through”: the first rehearsal without the script! And, it was quite grand in fact. Stop-starting your way through a rehearsal can be tiring, but today I think we drew energy from it! The sheer fact that we were without our scripts in hand fueled us to keep playing.
And oh là là…Did we ever play! It is so liberating (and terrifying) to leave the script to the side, and launch into the play. Sure, you don’t know all your lines perfectly. And sure, you feel a little wobbly about when you’re supposed to say things. But everyone is feeling the same way! So, with the collective energy you plow through and make it to the other side. We found all sorts of little moments that we hadn’t had before, simply because our hands were free and we were able to fully be nos personnages. Formidable!!

We ran through the first half of the play this morning, and then the second half twice in the afternoon!! Somehow it seemed to go a lot faster without our scripts…It is amazing how quickly we are staking claim to the story and the new characters, how rapidly it is becoming part of us…already I am dreaming the show tunes. (Help! …No, so far so good…Hasn’t driven me crazy yet!)

Et puis…CUTHBERTSON!!! After rehearsal, all the actors trekked over to Cuthbertson House, where rooms and roommates were chosen for the weeks ahead, and then we all enjoyed a delicious dinner of chili and rolls from the lovely Margaret. What a perfect welcome to our Tintamarre home!
–Now that we’re all sharing a roof, we can look forward to infinite Italians* (*running lines at top speed), over breakfast, while brushing our teeth…maybe in our sleep too!


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