Funky Dragon! Le Dragon dort ce soir…

Boum!  Patatras! Vlan! Crash! What a day, what a day! Nos deux spectacles aujourd’hui  s’étaient très bien passés.  En fait, ils étaitent génials! This morning at Tantramar High School we were a little tired to begin with, (this has been an intense week!!) but we got energized by our warm up singing Siyahumba and playing Samurai-Intergalactica.  Aussi, les spectateurs nous ont donné beaucoup d’énergie parce qu’ils étaient très engagés dès le début, en dépit de l’heure (il était tôt!).  Both shows today, at Tantramar High and then at Harmony Heights Elementary, were some of our best so far, and at Harmony Heights we had a record set-up time of 8 minutes!  The group of grade 4 and 5 students at Harmony Heights were incredibly friendly and excited!  They were very welcoming and helpful and they asked a lot of great questions at the end of the show.  On était déçus de partir de Harmony Heights aussi tôt, avant d’avoir eu l’occasion de répondre à toutes les questions (il y en avait tellement!). Pourtant, les paroles d’Alex avant de partir étaient très importantes et bien reçues: il a encouragé les spectateurs de continuer à poser des questions entre-eux, dans les salles de classe (Cue line from the play— *toujours des questions*!) Indeed we hope participants continue to ask questions and think about the play together! Another twinkle in the eye of today was the friendly DRAGON that greeted us at Harmony Heights. Dragon sur l’affiche, dragon sur le plancher du gymnase… dragons dragons everywhere! Our imaginations were inspired to incorporate the mythical creature into our warm up activities– this included renditions of In the Jungle…(the dragon sleeps tonight) and Wiggle Dragon (Funky Dragon! Who’s the Coolest Dragon?!) and Dragon-Raisin Sec for facial muscle warm-up. Lively and enriching discussion, dynamic energy exchange, warm welcomes and general group bonding through collective creativity made this day yet another success… in a different way than every other day so far… (*vive la différence!*) and we are excited to embark on another unique adventure tomorrow! Ces dragons doivent se coucher afin d’avoir la force pour nos 3 spectacles demain! Bonne nuit! More soon!


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