Fun, Fatigue, and Fantastic Weather!

Friday was our second three-show day of tour, and what an incredible day it was!!!

We started Friday morning off with a show in Amherst, Nova Scotia at Amherst Regional High.  None of this year’s touring cast had been there before, and it was a treat!  The band was practicing as we were loading in, and the upbeat music was an incredible way to start our day off!  We were dancing and singing as we set up, and felt incredibly energized for our early show.  The space was really neat, and the audience was very receptive!  Although we didn’t have the opportunity to have a post-show discussion with these students, some stayed after to chat with the troupe. We had some fantastic discussions that left us all with smiles on our faces. 🙂

Our second show of the day was in Oxford, Nova Scotia, at the Oxford Regional Education Center.  This was Tintamarre’s first visit to the very new school, et quelle belle après-midi! We were met with incredibly warm greetings and had two very helpful grade eight students meet us at the doors as we were loading in!  They were excited to find out what roles we were playing, as some of the classes at Oxford had read the text in class and had taken ownership of different characters in the process.  It’s always really exciting when we find out that the students coming to watch our show have already done some work on it beforehand, because we know they’ll be watching out for some of their favorite parts and they’re already familiar with a lot of the themes we raise pendant le spectacle. It’s also a lot of fun to hear about their thoughts and expectations before seeing the show, and to hear their reactions afterward. Oxford also presented us with a unique opportunity: we performed for grades 4-12 all at once!  We usually perform for one age group at a time and adapt our style to each audience. This new challenge gave the actors a really neat chance to respond to the energy exchange among all audience members.

We were presented with another unique opportunity Friday night, when we went to Charlottetown, PEI to perform an evening show for all ages.  We were invited by the PEI Food Security Council, and the post-show discussion was one that raised some excellent questions with some people as dedicated to the cause as many of us. It was really great to have the chance to perform for adults as well, as all of our other shows are for school audiences.  This show led to one of our longest discussions and the cast was thrilled with the outcome!

Overall, Friday was an amazing end to a fantastic week!  We didn’t arrive back in Sackville until after midnight, so the sleepy cast members were more than ready for a well-deserved siesta!  This weekend has been spent relaxing and enjoying quality down-time, enjoying the weather and getting rested up for our second week on the road.  Some of the cast went in to Moncton to see McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre’s current show, The House on Magnetic Hill, last night, and had a fabulous time.  Un ancien Tintamarrien est un des comédiens qui jouent dans la pièce, et le texte a été écrit par un élève de MTA – what a treat!  It was a nice change to be in the audience instead of in the show, and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the experience!  Today we are preparing une bonne bouffe for our director and his wonderful wife, to toast to this past week’s progress and to the excitement of the week ahead. Tomorrow morning we’ll be back on the road with two shows, and we’re all very excited!  With eleven shows complete, we’ve got another twelve to go, finishing up one week from today at Windsor Theatre as part of the Convocation Weekend activities.


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