It’s been a slice and a half . . .

Well well well and OH LA LA!, here we find ourselves on the last day of our Tintamarrathon. We have our last show in a matter of hours at Windsor Theatre. We expect to see lots of familiar faces in the audience – mainly family members and former Tintamarriens and Tintamarriennes. On a hâte, mais en même temps, c’est pas mal triste que la tournée soit terminée aujourd’hui. As one of our fellow Tintamarriennes put it last night: we are so enamored with one another and BOUFFE!, we’re going to go through intense withdrawal in the days to come. Ah, what an amazing and enriching experience this has been!

Though there were some challenges and obstacles of overcome (fatigue?!), our last two days of tour went fantastically! We departed at 6 am on Thursday for Miramichi to start off our last three-show day. One neat thing about performing at Harkins Middle School was that we were performing for the entire school and not just the students in French immersion or drama. This presented us with the challenge of engaging those who didn’t necessarily understand the French lines in the play.  But animated we did make ourselves and I think the exaggerated expression paid off! We also had to be mindful of starting back at zero for the second show so we had costumes and props in place! It was a challenge to make such a quick turn around. At times it felt like we were accidentally repeating our lines, though it was just that we had said them in the same space not even an hour before!

From Harkins we headed to Bonar Law Memorial School where we were performing on a smaller stage and had to focus a lot of projecting our voices. We had a lot of focused energy and it was overall a very strong performance. We would’ve liked to have a discussion with the students afterwards, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day! Quelle belle journée!!

On Friday we performed in Springhill in the AM. We were performing on a very shallow stage, which I think made us more focused than usual because there was less room to goof around backstage! The spectators were buzzing with excitement and were very receptive, which led to some wonderful questions following the performance!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great questions! We have learned so much from the after-show questions and discussions. Oh so much!! Our last school performance was in Pugwash – what a beautiful part of Nova Scotia – where we had a much bigger stage to play on in the gymnasium. We arrived to drawings of our characters that the kids had drawn in class! We were THRILLED! I think our excitement led to a less focused show, but some would beg to differ, as they felt it was one of their strongest shows. It is funny how that can happen. We did a workshop afterwards with the students, which was lots and lots of fun.

It’s hard to believe we only have one performance left. It is going to feel a little weird to not have to load out the set before the show, as it is ready and waiting for us at Windsor Theatre! And oh my goodness, everyone is waiting for me at the door. I must be off!!


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