Une bonne soirée

We are getting ever closer to our final show, and none of us are quite ready to say goodbye. There have been so many fantastic moments on and offstage, each interaction with the students has been unique, and the questions let us delve deeper into our story and our process as the Tintamarre troupe!

We are quite attached to our story…so much so that it leaks out, beyond the stage, and fills the rest of our lives! Last Sunday, we had the wonderful Alex and Margaret Fancy over for dinner, to our Cuthbertson homeland. As a troupe, we went over the top (to see what was on the other side!) and made a themed meal, everything a play off lines or foods mentioned in the play!

And so it begins...

These are some snippets -should I say some “tasters”?- of the marvelous feast and laughter that we shared this time last week.

(Please forgive our nostalgia. We are trying to linger in the past, making the tour stretch as far as possible….)

Nous voici, chez Mister Bouffe! (Sauf avec de la bonne bouffe…)

En attendant les Fancys

Ready and waiting...

Les voilà!

Quelle belle équipe…

Vive la collaboration!


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