So Much Love

The past three weeks have been an incredible journey for each and every one of us. We’ve learned, grown, and done so much in such a small stretch of time that it’s hard to wrap our minds around everything.  We’re all still processing our adventures, but over the next few days we’re going to compile some of our favorite tour moments and memories into a final Tintamarrathon 2011 blog post.

Sunday’s final show was one of our best. We were all relying on each other 100% and the performance was as much for ourselves and for each other as it was for the audience.  In many ways, it was a celebration of the family we’ve become, and of all the challenges we’ve overcome in such a short time. Performing our last show in Windsor Theatre, our home, makes a complete circle in the process. It gives us the closure we need as things draw to a close. At the end of the show, we had a special surprise planned for Alex.  We rewrote the lyrics to some of the show songs and sang our creation to him at the end, in front of the spectators. We had a lot of fun writing the song, which was, of course, a collaborative process. It reflected not only our adventure, but the entire creation/learning process as a whole. By the end, many of us were in tears. Tour is such an amazing experience, and the end is always bittersweet.

These are the lyrics we wrote for Alex,

We’re all a little sad because the tour must end,
Nous étions enracinés et en communauté,
On a l’estime de soi, fera du bénévolat,
Car nous admirons tant la collaboration,
Les défis de tous les jours,
Et tous les calembours.

Lately we’ve been pondering the places we’ve been wand’ring
Bout the moments we are sharing and not squandering.
Lately we’ve been grasping that these lessons, they are lasting
In our lives, from all the things we’re asking.

Hey, depuis quelque peu on connait cette personne
qui nous enseigne, qui nous inspire, qui transmet son passion.
Son énergie va durer plus longtemps qu’on peut le dire
et nous on va la conjuger à l’avenir (x2)

What would life be like without the Alex Fancy?
How could we ever cope without Margaret or Nancy?
Who would encourage us when we’re feeling antsy?
What else can we say? We love you Alex Fancy!

Love, love, la la la love, (x4)

So much love.

Vive le theatre!

Our tour family. ❤


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