Looks tasty!

Looks tasty.

I’m sitting in the kitchen of our new home, Cuthbertson House, cooking up some pancakes and waiting for the rest of our sleepy Tintamarre family to wake up. I hope that they do so soon–for two reasons. First, rehearsal starts soon. Second, I might be inclined to eat all of their breakfast if they’re not fast enough… Ah, worrying about pancake breakfasts! Such is life on tour.

That’s right–you read it correctly. Le Tintamarrathon 2012 a officiellement commencé! For the past four days, a ragtaggedly wonderful (that’s an adjective, right?) gaggle of ten actors, musicians, costume artists, and tadpole imitators has been hard at work in the first throes of the rehearsal process. We only have ten days to recreate Camp Quom-Si-Quom-Sa-Sa and the events that happened there one summer before we set off into the sunrise to present in front of three thousand spectators. Intimidated, you say? I’m not. No way. Nuh-uh.

What could be so scary?

What could be so scary?

J’adore ces premiers jours de répétition. La grande majorité d’entre nous avons déjà joué le rôle, étant donné que nous faisions partie de la production de CAMP qui a été montée à Mount Allison en février. Mais il y a toujours des embûches… étant donné le besoin de couper, de recoudre et de rafistoler la pièce dans un format qui peut convenir à une période d’école, on se doit de doubler quelques personnages. You’ll see: most of the actors play two characters–one boy, one girl! Imagine our confusion when we think back to the play-that-was back in Feburary… we’ve all been using lines that were in the first version, but not this one. Old words for new characters… but don’t worry–we’ll get all of that untangled in the next few days.

But oh, my friends, we’ve had such fun so far! Practicing portraits of terror, finding our old friend Boris, tasting Margaret’s cooking, getting locked out of the hall on our first two-rehearsal day. Did I tell you about the time the girls were boys and the boys were girls, and we all traded rumours? Now that was fun.

Oh no, she didn't.

What will we be up to for the rest of the week? Well, our off-book deadline is tomorrow! (Eep is right.) Apart from that, we’ll be blocking the rest of the play in the next few days, making sure we remember how to act like boys, or girls, or both, and brushing up on our animal sounds. I’ll be working on my owl walk. I shouldn’t say too much, though. Can’t have spoilers! Mais c’est plus fort que moi…


We should be posting the dates and venues for the tour very soon–today, perhaps? We’ll do our best, anyways–so that you know when we’re coming to a school near you. Until then–sit tight, read about our adventures, and rejoice. We can’t wait to perform. All our new friends are waiting out there…



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