And we have hit the road, running!

Ooufff! Aujourd’hui on a franchi un cap! Le premier spectacle était superfantasmagorique!

We had a leisurely morning before heading off to Auburn Drive High School in Dartmouth, NS. A 9:45 departure – quelle luxe!! We had a smooth drive, if a long one, but took a lunch break at Mastadon Ridge in Stewiacke. Malheureusement notre accès au mastadon était interdit mais on a quand même pris de belles photos de la troupe qui vont apparaître sur le blog très bientôt!

We arrived at Auburn Drive with plenty of time to spare. The load out went surprisingly well. Thank you, Paul, for organizing our load out into the van so well! We are already starting to get a feel for the routine of setting up and taking down the set – not bad for the first performance.

While waiting for all of the students to arrive, we had an opportunity to include some of the patiently waiting students in our warm up exercises and games; some of which included “lion/raisin sec”, “yee-haw”, la chanson “Sunrise” (a shout out to you, Adrienne!). A big thank you to all of the students who joined in the fun – on ne peut pas imaginer une meilleure façon de commencer le Tintamarrathon! Our first show had a lot of ENERGY and momentum! There may have been a few minor stumbles and mumbles, and at times the play may have felt a bit jumbled, but all in all we felt very happy and content with notre grand succès! Wahoooo! Youpiiii! Yeee-haw!!! Ceci dit, il reste encore beaucoup de chemin à faire. We’re up for the challenge.

Il y avait quelques commentaires et questions posées par les étudiant(e)s après le spectacle. Ils étaient très engagés pendent le spectacle, especially when Ours and Hibou were sitting beside them in the audience. Overall, a wonderful start to what promises to be an amazing tour! Alex is easing us into many an early morning, with an 8 AM departure demain matin.

Exciting times!

-Libellule et Ours (Ours tout court)


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