Ready, set… PARTEZ!

Oh, là la! We are so tired…

That seems to be the overwhelming sentiment at the Bermuda House this morning. But not the bad kind of tired, we promise! Hard-work, sore-limbs kind of tired. C’est notre troisième journée de répétition, but as an actor said yesterday at the end of our evening rehearsal: “It feels like we’ve doing this for weeks, not hours!”

Not that we're complaining.

Not that we’re complaining.

ALBUM is all about what can happen to a family when the va-et-vient, the brouhaha, takes over our lives–and right now, life seems to be imitating art. Twelve people all moved into the second floor at Bermuda House, working together not to get lost in the maze of corridors, squeezing into the tiny kitchen to eat each other’s scrambled eggs, and working our way through six (!) hours of rehearsal a day!

It can feel a bit cramped at times.

It can feel a bit cramped at times.

But it is so, so, so rewarding. There is a certain kind of energy that comes from a group like this. Yesterday, we ran through and blocked every scene in the play. Every scene. We made spontaneous decisions to cut or move lines. Our set changed completely, suddenly springing three cubes, and everyone began using them creatively immediately.

A teleconference call...

A teleconference call…

Nous devons nous remettre à l’apprentissage des répliques (our off-book day is three hours from now!), so we’ll leave you with these pictures and these paltry paragraphs. Mais restez à l’écoute! Over the next few weeks, you’ll travel with us as we build our ALBUM and take it out across the Maritimes…

Au plaisir de vous connaître!

Mémère, Pépère, Pierre, et la tante Bonnie

Les musiciens confèrent...

Les musiciens confèrent…



2 thoughts on “Ready, set… PARTEZ!

  1. Oh là là, ça va CHAUFFER! It feels so strange to be on this side of the blogue, but I am SO SO SO excited to follow Tintamarrathon and all your wonderful adventures from here! I was hoping to stop by a répétition, but am in the middle of moving apartments two hours away. Do not fear, though, I will certainly be making a couple of appearances over the next few weeks! J’ai tellement hâte à devenir spectatrice – the last time I sat in the audience for a Tintamarre production was that one memorable Spring day in 2008 that Alex has told so many of you about. MERDE MERDE MERDE pour les dernières répétitions et les premiers spectacles! I am thinking of all of you and sending SO MUCH LOVE your way! Je vous souhait, à tous et à toutes, un TRÈS – BON – SPECTACLE!!!! Nous en parlerons plus tard! 🙂 TINTAMOUR!!!!

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