All set to hit the road!!

Walking all the way...

Walking all the way…

The Tintamarrathon 2013 team is all set to hit the road! We are so efficient that we finished our entire rehearsal process in six days flat. We’ve gone through all the stages of theatrical creation and overcome all obstacles that might’ve been blocking us … okay, sorry, that was a lot of drama puns. I’ll knock it off now.

All those horrific witticisms were to say, we have had a whirlwind rehearsal process of just 6 days this year. It’s been a bit crazy, but I for one wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It has built our relationship as a cast and strengthened our performance, with incredible developments coming one after the other. Something as simple as a little variation in tone can turn a line from blasè to blow-you-away (generally with laughter). There’s been tons to learn, practice, and tweak every single day, and now it’s time to share with a LOT of students here in the Maritimes. We are all so excited for our first two shows tomorrow at Birchmount and Riverview High School. And it was nice to get to practice in front of some real spectators during our two final run-throughs today thanks to some guest appearances from some anciens Tintamarriens de long date! On vous aime tous!

But first we had to figure out the logistics of loading the living room from Chemin du Souvenir into the tight and confined tour van. Even with a comparatively small set this year, it was deceivingly tricky, but once again, by working together and with the help of Paul and Alex, we managed to get it all in safe and sound. Here’s hoping we can beat our load-out record of 6 minutes from last year!!

I always think it is such a thrill to walk into performance spaces of all shapes and sizes, not having seen them before, and then own them as a cast in so little time. Birchmount will definitely be the perfect opportunity to do just that bright and early tomorrow morning! And our ownership of the space is made even easier by the fact that we have come to really feel as if we actually live at 7 Chemin du Souvenir rather than Bermuda house, having not only created the characters and music but also spent a lot of time building the set, making the costumes and experimenting with new makeup and hairstyles together (with some tunes thrown in a long the way!!). We can’t wait to see the kids faces as they soak it all in too!

After a long and tiring day, we’re about ready to start one of our group dinners. We’ll be back with some more updates soon! À plus tard!

– Tante Bonnie, Jeanne, Pierre et Victora


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