Post-Tinta post

First off, I lost a draft of this message twice in a row… oops! bahahaa.

Secondly, to all you Tintamarrians,  BREATHE. And smile. 🙂 Holy crow, we just finished something amazing! 

I am sitting in the Vancouver airport, waiting for the final flight of my journey back to the mountains of Kaslo, and I feel so overwhelmingly lucky. Yes, I only got 2 and a half hours of sleep last night and I probably look like a rather weathered pheasant, but it’s all part of the adventure. Yesterday we did three performances of ALBUM, marking the end of Tintamarrathon 2013!

The final day was so full. We were up at 5 (well, some of us were up at 5:45 and “scrambling” to get breakfast together in time…), on the road by 6, and bounding into an 8:30 show in Miramichi! After a second show, we received delicious home made lunches in brown paper bags. While kids played in gym class, we sat on the steps and ate our lunch. I wish I could eat lunch from brown paper bags with the Tinta-cast every day. In retrospect, it’s not that it couldn’t get any better… there just wasn’t any need!! 

After lunch, we headed out to a new school, one that hadn’t seen a Tintamarre play before. Although performing at a new school on the last show may have seemed like a bit of a gamble, I found it was the perfect way to keep the last show fresh and gain an understanding of just how magical one’s first Tintamarre experience is. The stage was only a couple of feet off of the floor, in a small auditorium with a low ceiling – perfect as an intimate audience space. For me, the highlight was talking with a girl from the audience after the show, who was absolutely astounded at ALBUM. Her eyes were wide with the wonder of what she had seen, and she approached me in the hall again a few minutes later, asking about the music we sang. Although her words were few, it was clear that inside she was captivated by ALBUM. She and her friend eagerly asked if we would come back next year! There were so many amazing, engaged students to talk to – I only wish we had more time to talk with them!

To top off that final show, we were treated to snacks from the school cafeteria afterwards! Does life get any better?…

I thought that things would wind down pretty quickly after the final show, but I was so wrong. The theme of the day appears to be “generosity” – Alex and Margaret had the cast over for a scrumptious dinner, Nat made cheesecake, and we shared hilarious tour moments. What a fantastic day.

I just realized that I’m sitting across from a Tim Hortons, which is evoking even more tour memories…! *sigh*…. Okay, I’d best stop this post before I blather on all day. Just to highlight how fortunate I feel to have been part of this tour and to have met all of the amazing people involved, I should mention that I had the best goodbye of my life this morning when 7 other sleep-deprived and haggard Tintamarriens woke up at 5 AM to see me off. Where else in my life will I find myself doing impressions of panda bears at 5 AM, surrounding by such excellent people? Maybe when we all create a commune-theatre-band-bakery-track team in a few years???… 🙂

To all who helped make this tour possible, thank you so much. I will never forget it. In the words of Victoria, “I miss you ALL!!”

Love and spontaneous harmonies,




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