The home stretch….

I should note that I wrote this entry LATE Thursday night before our final day of shows, and in the process of packing & saying goodbye (a very difficult process), I completely forgot to post it! So, enjoy this quick recap of the past week……


This has been a tremendous week in our little tour-bubble in Sackville. So much has happened, but I’ll try to fit it in this blog post as best I can. We’re in the home stretch now –  our last day of shows is fast approaching.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  I know I can’t. But we’re not going to think about that just yet! We still have shows left to perform. So, to sum up this week….

First things first, a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the members of our cast who are now officially Mount Allison alumni! Bernard, David, Rosalind, Rob, Kelley, and Allison all received their diplomas on Monday et nous sommes tellement fier de vous!!! Formidable! We were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate with the families of the grads, who came up to watch the ceremony AND our performance at Tweedie Hall on campus on Sunday afternoon. Although we were on our ‘home turf’ (so to speak), Tweedie Hall presented its own unique challenges, as does each space we visit. The room echoes A LOT, so we had to be extra careful about enunciating and making sure that our words were clear – we had our work cut out for us! However, the work didn’t stop once the show was over, since we were hosting a bit of a party at Bermuda that evening! We had the families of the grads and many, many friends of Tintamarre over for a potluck supper – absolutely incredible. The lounge of Bermuda was PACKED and many good times were had! How fun for each of us to meet our cast members’ families, and to pick up on where they may have gotten their little quirks which we know and love.

We had no shows on Monday, due to the fact that the aforementioned grads had d’autres chats à fouetter à ce moment-là! But on Tuesday we were back on track, although we kept things close to home: visiting Tantramar Regional High School and Marshview Middle School right here in Sackville! The audience at Tantramar was so fantastic and receptive, really reacting to the messages we were trying to get across – thank you! Spectators commented on the use of sound in the piece, both in terms of sound effects and our harmonies when we sang… merci!

The crowd at Marshview was also a wonderful audience, remaining engaged throughout the length of the piece. Some choice questions: “Was the military uniform authentic?” “How do you decide which actors get to go on tour?” “How did you decide to make the set and how big to make it?” FORMIDABLE!!! Merci à vous!

Wednesday morning we were off to Oxford, NS. We played to quite a varied crowd in terms of ages – from grades 4 to 12! And what a fabulous crowd they were – asking questions about the set, costumes, how we come up with ideas for our plays, and whether we would be back next year! (On ne sait jamais….)  Following our show, we reconvened at the famed Sandpiper restaurant for a debriefing. There, we discussed what could be improved upon for future shows, wrote some thank-you notes to friends of Tintamarre, and indulged in some pretty great desserts….

Thursday we headed to Amherst, N.S. and E.B. Chandler School welcomed us into their gymnasium, where we played to our biggest audience yet – 325 spectators! The entire school showed up to our performance! Oh, là, là, j’avais un peu du trac avec un public si nombreux, but the show went smoothly and the audience seemed to enjoy it – magnifique! “Are you all going to keep acting?” “Were you talking about the Cold War or the Second World War in your play?” “Who does the costumes?” …. Just a few of the questions from our curious spectators!

Our second show of the day was in Pugwash, where we had a performance as well as a post-show workshop. Our show featured a very kind introduction by Austin – thank you! The audience at Pugwash was fantastic and SO engaged. We had some great questions and comments: “Do you find it hard to flip between English and French?” “Where did the props come from?” “Your show left me speechless!” Awesome! Our workshop was the biggest one we’ve had, with around 100 students. We had a great time teaching them some of our warmup classics, such as lion/raisin sec, fruit salad, and wigglebottom. What an afternoon!

Tomorrow morning we head out for our very last day of shows (I know, I know, the cast really doesn’t need to see my ugly crying face..)! But don’t fear, more blog posts may be still to come. Pour le moment, je suis tellement fatiguée… our departure tomorrow morning is at 6:00 – time for me to head to bed!

À plus tard! Je vous aime,

– Maman xoxo

A little family portrait taken following our last show on Friday afternoon..

A little family portrait taken following our last show on Friday afternoon..


One thought on “The home stretch….

  1. Bravo à tous les Tintamarriens de 2013! I love receiving those thank you notes. It mmakes for a wonderful mix of nostalgia and warm fuzzies.

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