I don’t quite know what to write, or where to begin. I think I want to say thank you, but those words are not enough. Il faut un GROS merci, big enough to enfold all the wonders of this tour, of the whole year, and of the past four years with Tintamarre. Holy moly.

Surrounded by friends

Surrounded by friends

Towards the end of the tour, one morning when we had extra time before a show, several of us curled up of the gym floor to nap, another group of us ran like fiends with a basketball, and a few others assigned a “spirit animal” to each cast member. I have been thinking about how the tour brings people together. Célébrons nos différences!

Within the cast we had a diversity of interests, musical tastes, areas of study… and yet we fused into a family that suddenly had so many ways of knowing what the others were thinking, feeling, worrying about, and knew how to support their fatigue, how to tell when food or juice was needed desperately, how to tell when it was time for some songs…or when it was just time to snuggle.


Time for some songs?

La vie est belle. Cela est, pour moi, une des leçons la plus claire de la tournée à ce moment-ci. We aren’t always having the best day, et il y a toujours des affaires qui peut nous embetter, ou nous distraire… Mais l’énergie collectif et l’amitié entre nous, it acts as a booster, a net that will catch you and bring you back, pull you into the joy of sharing theatre with new people, and you will forget your worries, and just play. And remember that life is wonderful.


I think that positivity melds into the audience – and flows from it too. Their attention feeds us, indicates what we need to give more of, where we can pull back, and it shows us that we are in this together, the audience and the performer are a team! Theatre IS the biggest team sport, as Alex would say. But I know now it is not just because of the number of people that it takes to put on a show, behind the scenes (…calembour?) and on the stage (a veritable community) …It is not a show without the audience. With each performance, the team that it takes to make the world of the stage come alive grows exponentially as people take their seats.


And to think of all the differences in interests, hobbies, languages, histories, and backgrounds that lie in front of us and amongst us – the diversity that makes life interesting is also what makes theatre possible. I remember someone once arguing that a beautiful place I lived for a while was not magical, though people often called it that. It wasn’t magical because that somehow took away from the truth of the place, what life was really like on a Wednesday, or what the air smelled like when the weather was stormy… Magic isn’t quite the right word. And so this unity of differences that makes theatre possible – it’s not magic. It is people.

And it can happen anywhere.

Vive le théatre!


As I sing on my own now, songs that filled our mornings, our lunches, our drives (our whole days really!), je vous envoie un merci énorme. Tusind tak, as they say in Danish – a thousand thanks, to my family of animals:

À notre Hibou, for your observations and wisdom, your humour and silliness,

To the Panda Bear, for your jokes, your bottomless enthusiasm, your delicious pies,

To the Golden Retriever, for your constant optimism and joy, your songs (and your pies!),

To the Pheasant, for your energy, your harmonies, your understanding,

To the Peacock, for your professionalism and goofiness, for your morning hugs,

To the Flying Squirrel, for your inspiration and your acrobatics, your laughter,

À notre Tigre, for your ‘Chi pride, your truth and sass, and your….feathers,

To the Flamingo, for your cheerfulness, your amazing faces, your music prowess,

À notre Lion, for your sass and love, pour ton energie et tes calins,

À notre Chat, for your patience and your puns, your kitchen company and greens,

To the Deer, for your music in the mornings, your baking, and your positive outlook…

And to all the rest of the family, wherever you may be. Whether you guided us, helped us, sat in the audience, fed us, ate with us, laughed with us, at us, sang with us, wrote to us, knew us….

I think tintamour says it all.

– Mémère, Rosalind, Dove


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