MEDIA RELEASE: Tintamarre Presents VILLAGES, a new activist comedy

Tintamarre presents VILLAGES, a new activist comedyImage

Mount Allison University’s bilingual theatre company has created two villages which you are invited to visit, in the Windsor Theatre Out-of-the-Box (Convocation Hall), on Thursday and Friday, March 20-21 at 8:00 PM, and on Saturday, March 22 at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

What lowered the water table on the island of Hurlevent? And why is the mainland village of Port-à-Petit (aka Portapity) about to flood?

Director Alex Fancy explains that any attempt to answer these questions is “clouded by factors that are as comic as they are troubling.” He adds that the gulf separating the two communities is “seriously widened by intense suspicion.” The villages also face very different economic challenges, and today an intense storm is approaching.

 From the Dockside Café, we hear both music and protests coming from the nearby island which “the Authorities” have decided to close.

 Ottawa native Natalie Brunet, four-year Tintamarre veteran, Associate Director and student in Honours International Relations, says that “what seems absurd at first can be very real.” She adds that, although the Director writes the bilingual script, “the story and characters have come out of our rehearsal process which promotes student ownership of a play that asks important questions and is also really funny.”

 The colourful set features a ferry moving back and forth across the narrow bay. The Pilot, played by Mitchell Gunn, a first-year student from London, ON, observes as his vessel docks for the first time : “Two villages. Two worlds.”

 Meanwhile, the atmospheric pressure falls, and in the café migraines and tempers flare as very diverse comic characters from both villages face their past, their future, and each other.

 The Director pays tribute to the 28 actor-students, the designers and crew who have created “a dramatic storm,” and Gunn points to “economic issues that converge with pressing ecological ones, here and in other parts of our country.”

 Brunet adds that the play will provoke a lot of discussion when it tours to Maritime schools, with support from the Crake Foundation, the Campbell-Verduyn Fund, Mount Allison alumni and other friends, May 1-16.

 Set and costumes were designed by Decima Mitchell, lights by Paul A. Del Motte and Justin Thomas. Once again, music has been composed by Luke Trainor (4th-year History, Philosophy, Religious Studies), assisted by Amber Tucker (4th– year Honours English, Drama), and Professor Emeritus Dr Nancy Vogan.

 Tickets $5 (students and seniors) and $10. Reservations : 506-364-2234. Saturday matinee: pay what you can, no reservations. Contact: A. Fancy 506-364-2480.


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