A bientôt!

Only 8 days ago, we were wrapping up another school year: camping out all night in the library, writing exams and final papers, and subsisting on Mr. Noodles and Kraft Dinner. Starting last Thursday, we began the exhilarating and exhausting rehearsal process. And oh, it is so much more than just learning lines! We began the process of adapting the play we created all the way back in September through the input of our wonderful 27 mainstage actors to a shorter version for only 12. We took ownership of the newly formatted script through short brainstorming sessions and character work as we strove to make our characters come alive. Next came discussions of how to masterfully fit a complex set into one that could neatly pack into one cargo van. What height should the stools be? How do we fit in an incredibly tall lamppost into the trunk? How many flats to give us a taste of island life while leaving enough room for quick costume changes? All those games of Tetris will finally pay off…

This process also extends far beyond the rehearsal space.  We have made the trek with all our belongings from our apartments to Bermuda House. We have already become one big family through giggling around the kitchen table while running lines and bonding over good food and stories. It’s almost as if 12 months haven’t passed since many of us were all in the house together. It’s not only practical to live together: a 6am departure is much easier to organize when everyone lives in the same house; but its a lot of fun too. Soon we will only communicate through lines of the script, the inside jokes have already reached a whole new level.

On viendra bientôt chez vos écoles et nous sommes tous très enthousiastes!! A bientôt!

Pilote & Phyllis



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