And just like that, as quickly as we started… we’re done. Le Tintamarrathon 2014 tire à sa fin.

La troupe à Miramichi, after our final show...

La troupe à Miramichi, after our final show…

Après 22 spectacles dans 17 écoles, avec plus de 3000 spectateurs et des milliers de kilomètres parcourus… nous sommes rentrés au bercail.

Ce fut une semaine de fous. Tout a commencé avec la graduation de quatre Tintamarriens (bravo, Luke, Lizzie, Natalie et Amber!)–s’en sont suivis une demi-douzaine de spectacles, a hundred-and-eighty-degree stage, la première panne en route en vingt-quatre ans de tournée, trois Tim Hortons, et un après-midi des dieux qui nous a surpris en rentrant de Miramichi.

It has been an incredible three weeks–and I’m only just starting to remember them.

It’s not just me, either. Last Saturday afternoon, as we were cleaning the last bits of evidence of our living there from Bermuda House–after after we’d finished our last show, but just before we realized that there wouldn’t be a show on the coming Monday–Alex came to visit us. “Do you feel,” he asked, “as though your memory is slowly coming back?”

He was talking about that feeling you get right after the tour: as though something very wonderful, very tiring has happened, but you can’t remember the details–at least, not right now. I had been feeling that all day, trying to reflect on the incredible three weeks we’d all just been through. Trying to remember particular shows, what the gyms in certain schools looked like, the expressions on some of our audience members’ faces as they asked a question. Rien. Le vide.

It’s only now, after four long days, that our memory is returning. I get flashes of certain kinds of gymnasium lights in Doaktown, the echoes of our voices against auditorium walls in Miramichi, the laughter from the audience in Rexton… and the smiles from all the students we talked to, who told us that they’d liked it. That we didn’t know how much it meant to them. That they had a play, too, and that anyone could do what they wanted! After the exhaustion of the last load-in, after the farewells and the on se reverras, we can finally take the time to feel it. All this love we sent off together, echoing back to us.

Today, as I biked up a sunny street in Sackville, a blond-haired boy called out to me: “Hey! You were in that play!” Then he smiled and said, “It was awesome!”

Friends, it was. It really, really was. Je me sens si fier, et j’éprouve tant de gratitude, d’avoir eu la chance de faire partie de cette épopée inoubliable avec une équipe si talentueuse, si créative, si drôle, si… tintamarrienne.

À Oxford. Il ne faut jamais oublier de jouer!

À Oxford. Il ne faut jamais oublier de jouer!

And now, over the next few days, I can feel the stories coming. We have so much to share with you! So many pictures, videos, thoughts from the road… So stick around. Over the next few days, we’ll be posting stories from the road, pictures, and everything we can to let you know what went on. It’ll be so worth it. Je le sens! Et nous avons si hâte de vous raconter notre périple.

Stay with us as we get our memories back.

– Joe/Bernard


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