Catching up!

Salut! We’ve been a little slow in posting here, and for that we are sorry – we’ve been extremely busy over the past two weeks! Between finishing up rehearsals, going on the road, sleeping overnight, and even graduating (for some of us!), here we are.

We started off the tour at Marshview Middle School in Sackville, and we couldn’t imagine a better place to kick it off! They were such a great audience and asked lots of fabulous questions, such as: What inspired you to write a play about nature? Why could Audrey hear the plants? What would Mister ‘G’ do if someone handed him garbage? We also were lucky enough to be there while the cast of Macbeth ran lines during lunchtime, and they were simply fantastic! We were unable to see the show because we were on the road while it was being presented, but I’ve heard that it was a great production enjoyed by all! Friday, May 1 took us to Amherst (E.B. Chandler School) and Pugwash District High School. There we made so many new friends, with some of our largest audiences! We had a workshop after the show in Pugwash, and got to share some of our theatre games and warmup activities with some of the students there.

Figuring out the setup at E.B. Chandler

Figuring out the setup at E.B. Chandler

Putting together l'école…

Putting together l’école…

Finally, the roof garden where Tournesol and Chou live!

Finally, the roof garden where Tournesol and Chou live!

Monday morning took us to a brand new school, Leo Hayes High in Fredericton. We got to perform in their library, which presented such a neat challenge for us because it had different levels. We had so much fun introducing ourselves to you all, and getting the chance to put down some roots in a totally new place! Thank you for being such great spectators. That same afternoon, we headed to Doaktown and Central New Brunswick Academy, where you asked us “Why do you tour the play?” “Which actor played the mushroom man?” “Who’s been acting the longest?”

Tuesday we set out to Oxford Regional Education Centre, a very cool school that has grades 1-12 in the same space – formidable! We were in the middle of our warmup when suddenly we were interrupted by a PROTEST — students were coming in, holding up handmade signs that bore Rose Fleur’s 11 Commandments, while simultaneously chanting the Commandments out loud! It was such a highlight – Bravo et merci pour la manifestation! After Oxford, we headed back to Sackville to perform at Tantramar Regional High. There, we had one of the best discussions yet – so many fantastic questions, such as: “Is it hard to balance school and theatre?” and “What kind of theatre or French experience should you have to join?” The answer being, of course, NEITHER! Tintamarre welcomes everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, we had one show in Moncton at Birchmount School, and what a great show it was! You were such an engaged audience and asked thought-provoking and insightful questions. One of you asked us if we were a family, and if that was why we were so good at acting together – to which we answered that OF COURSE we were a family!!! All theatre is family.

At the risk of becoming too rambly, I’ll cut this blog post short… but stay tuned, more posts about the past week or so are coming VERY soon!!!