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Un message from the Director of Tintamarre:

Tintamarre is a creative and collaborative experience like none other—et ne pourrait pas prendre vie sans la collaboration de la famille tintamarrienne toute entière.

The plays could not happen without the ideas, the commitment, and the creativity of Mount Allison students. More and more they reflect the social engagement of our students, and their concern for social justice.

Their performances outside of the Mount Allison community, the experiences we bring to primary, middle and high school students, and the financial viability of both—these are made possible through the generosity of schools and of our external supporters.

As usual, we will fit twenty or more school performances into the two-week period.  Once more, the final performance will be staged on the Mount Allison campus during Convocation weekend.

Thanks to the Crake Foundation, and to the President of Mount Allison and a Tintamarrienne who have contributed funds to help sustain our tours during the next three years, we will definitely tour to schools this year.

From 2009 to 2013, the support of alumni and friends of Tintamarre made the difference: I was able to pay the actors a very modest salary, to validate their work on-stage and off, help them make ends meet, and recognize student generosity and creativity which are the hallmark of Tintamarre.

Once more, we are hoping that Tintamarriens and Friends of Tintamarre will make the difference.

Thank you in advance for any contribution you can afford to make to support this year’s cast of actor-students. Merci infiniment! Vous êtes superfantasmagoriques!


Alex Fancy
Professor Emeritus, Directeur de Tintamarre, 3M National Teaching Fellow