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2014-04-10: The Process Behind The Production: A Backstage Look At Tintamarre’s VILLAGES
2014-03-12: Tintamarre Presents VILLAGES / Tintamarre présente sa nouvelle comédie activiste
2013-05-10: Tintamarre Tours Comedy About Memory To Maritime Schools
2013-02-07: Mount Allison Students Present Workshop At International Conference
2012-04-25: Mount Allison’s Bilingual Theatre Troupe Tintamarre Takes CAMP On Tour
2011-05-02: Mount Allison’s 2011 Tintamarrathon!
2010-01-29: Mount Allison’s Tintamarre Theatre Company Presents BUS 36
2009-04-24: Tintamarre Begins 19th Maritime School Tour
2008-11-20: New Comedy With Music In Windsor Theatre
2008-09-19: Tintamarre Presents Charivari: Sounds Of The Tantramar
2008-04-25: Mount Allison Troupe Tours Bilingual Comedy
2007-04-27: Mount Allison Students Bring Theatre to Maritime Schools
2007-03-19: Tintamarre Comedy Brings the City to the Country
2006-04-27: Tintamarre Tours Bilingual Comedy
2006-03-20: Bilingual Cyber-Comedy at Mount Allison
2005-03-28: Huge Bilingual Babies Invade Windsor Theatre
2003-04-29: Tintamarrathon ’03! Bilingual Theatre Troupe Tours Maritime Schools
2003-03-24: Tintamarre Presents Windsor Theatre’s Final Show of the Season
2002-10-25: Tintamarre Presents “A Detective Play”
2002-05-01: Tintamarre Theatre Troupe Tours NB Schools
2001-10-26: Tintamarre Stages New Trilingual Comedy


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